Sears Is A garffati tag around tr nj neptune and asbury park

Sears Image 1 Edit

20160920 195828

Location Right around we buy gold on the botom street light More Images Of sears coming soon

Sears Image 2 Edit

20160922 181807

Loacation Neptune Nj Fact It Used To Say Verb But Converted To Sears

Sears Image 3 Edit

IMG 1855 (1)

Location Dumpster in a But the place where it is is unknowing

Sears Image 4 Edit

Location TBA

IMG 1899

Location 2nd Brideg Near Tronix

Sears And SR Image 5 Edit

Note I put The SR Part Because Some Times He Rights SR With Sears

20161121 (1)

Location A Bus Stop

Sears And SR Image 6 Edit


Location a Bus Stop